generate functionTue, 28 Mar 2023

Make a program that receives as parameter a file called directorios.txt that will contain the names of directories that exist in your system. The program will have to read from the file the names of the directories (each one on a different line), open the content of each one of them, and then display the directory name and the number of the files on the screen. and then display on the screen the name of the directory and the number of files it contains, sorted from smallest to largest. sorted from smallest to largest. Translated with (free version)

def file_to_dict(file_name): file_dict = {} # open the file with open(file_name) as f: # loop through each line in the file for line in f: # remove new line character key = line.rstrip() # get the number of files in the directory file_dict[key] = len(os.listdir(key)) return file_dict def file_to_sorted_list(file_name): file_dict = file_to_dict(file_name) # return a list of directory name and number of files return sorted(file_dict.items(), key=lambda kv: kv[1]) # test for dir_name, number_of_files in file_to_sorted_list('directorios.txt'): print(f'{dir_name} has {number_of_files} files')

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