generate functionSat, 01 Apr 2023

This is a function in Go language that operates on a data structure representing a person whose children are pointers to other person structures. This is the struct: type Persona struct { nombre string hij_mayor *Persona hij_menor *Persona xadre *Persona } The function's task is to recursively delete all descendants of the given person structure. This means that all the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on, of the person structure should be deleted from memory. The function will traverse the person structure and its descendants, freeing memory for each node, until it reaches the leaf nodes of the family tree. Once all descendants have been deleted, the function will then delete the person structure itself.

func destroy(person *Persona) { if person.hij_mayor != nil { destroy(person.hij_mayor) } if person.hij_menor != nil { destroy(person.hij_menor) } person.hij_mayor = nil person.hij_menor = nil person.nombre = nil person.xadre = nil delete(person) }

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