generate functionTue, 11 Apr 2023

A social networking application that can communicate with video, voice, or group or private chatting. It is integrated, and its side is light blue. The image of the application is blue, and it has a picture of a conversation and a phone. I want an integrated configuration, so that this matter can turn it into a complete program.

Script // This is a function to send messages function sendMessage(msg){ alert(msg); } sendMessage("hello"); // This is a function to call people function call(number){ alert("Calling " + number); } call("0123456789"); // This is a function to send an email function sendEmail(email){ alert("Sending email to " + email); } sendEmail(""); // This is a function to send a video call function videocall(number){ alert("Calling " + number + " via video call"); } videocall("0123456789"); // This is a function to send a voice call function voicecall(number){ alert("Calling " + number + " via voice call"); } voicecall("0123456789"); // This is a function to send a group chat function groupchat(name){ alert("Group chat with " + name); } groupchat("friends");

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