generate functionTue, 18 Apr 2023

append dataframe to context-fit table in existing pdf.

def append_df_to_excel(filename, df, sheet_name='Sheet1', startrow=None, truncate_sheet=False, **to_excel_kwargs): """ Append a DataFrame [df] to existing Excel file [filename] into [sheet_name] Sheet. If [filename] doesn't exist, then this function will create it. Parameters: filename : File path or existing ExcelWriter (Example: '/path/to/file.xlsx') df : dataframe to save to workbook sheet_name : Name of sheet which will contain DataFrame. (default: 'Sheet1') startrow : upper left cell row to dump data frame. Per default (startrow=None) calculate the last row in the existing DF and write to the next row... truncate_sheet : truncate (remove and recreate) [sheet_name] before writing DataFrame to Excel file to_excel_kwargs : arguments which will be passed to `DataFrame

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