generate functionWed, 10 May 2023

Create a undetectable fortnite cheat as a executable file that wont be detected by battle eye or easy anti-cheat ever. Make it run on high performance and fps of 240 for all operating systems. Make a menu that wi be visually on the users screen. In this menu add three tabs a Aimbot tab, Visuals Tab and Miscellaneous tab, in the Aimbot tab add these functions and features below make sure they work so the user can turn them on and off at anytime with buttons. 1. Aimbot humanizing 2. Aimbot smoothing 3. Aimbot custom key (when key is pressed the aimbot goes to the nearest player and stays on him) 4. Aimbot fov circle (controls how wide the aimbot locks onto people) 5. Aimbot max distance In the visuals tab put these features and functions below. 1. Visual FOV circle 2. Box Esp 3. Skeleton Esp In the miscellaneous tab put these functions and features. 1. Stream proof 2. Performance mode

def performance_mode(): # run the cheat at 120 FPS def normal_mode(): # run the cheat at 240 FPS

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