text to sql syntaxWed, 01 Mar 2023

In[1] 1hs (pvq) Ʌ (pvq); mhs pv (qAг); Ihs -- mhs LogicalExpand [1hs] == LogicalExpand [mhs] Out) ((pq) && (p || q)) = (p|| (q&&r)) Out[4] (P||q) = (p]] (q&& r}} ins) 1hs-PA (pvq); mhsp; 1hs= mhs LogicalExpand [1hs] == LogicalEzpand [mhs] Out[7]= (p && (p|| q)) == p Cuts]= p == LogicalEzpand [p]

sql syntax that: select all user from custoers with age 24

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