generate functionSat, 25 Mar 2023

consulta que producto se vende mas

from collections import Counter products = [ {"id":1, "name": "Chocolate Sandwich Cookies", "department": "snacks", "aisle": "cookies cakes", "price": 3.50}, {"id":2, "name": "All-Seasons Salt", "department": "pantry", "aisle": "spices seasonings", "price": 4.99}, {"id":3, "name": "Robust Golden Unsweetened Oolong Tea", "department": "beverages", "aisle": "tea", "price": 2.49}, {"id":4, "name": "Smart Ones Classic Favorites Mini Rigatoni With Vodka Cream Sauce", "department": "frozen", "aisle": "frozen meals", "price": 6.99}, {"id":5, "name": "Green Chile Anytime Sauce", "department": "pantry", "aisle": "marinades meat preparation", "price": 7.99}, {"id":6, "name": "Dry Nose Oil", "department

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