generate functionFri, 05 May 2023

Generate a graphical user interface using pyqt5 and designer. In it there must be two buttons. One called "Start liveview" and the other called "Stop Liveview". When the first one is pressed, an image acquired by the Thorlabs zelux camera should be transmitted live. This image should be displayed using GraphicsLayoutWidget, and a pyqtgraph ImageItem. Then when the second button is pressed, the image stops streaming.

def gui(): # We need to use a QT application to display an image app = QtGui.QApplication([]) # Create a window to add widgets to win = QtGui.QMainWindow() # Create the main widget main = QtGui.QWidget() # Create the layout layout = QtGui.QVBoxLayout() # Add widgets to the layout layout.addWidget(button) layout.addWidget(i) # Set the layout to the main widget main.setLayout(layout) # Set the main widget to the window win.setCentralWidget(main) # Show the window # Run the QT application app.exec_()

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