generate functionTue, 18 Apr 2023

Define a function drawCircle. This function should expect a Turtle object, the coordinates of the circle’s center point, and the circle’s radius as arguments. The function should draw the specified circle. The algorithm should draw the circle’s circumference by turning 3 degrees and moving a given distance 120 times. Calculate the distance moved with the formula 2.0 × π × radius ÷ 120.0. Define a function main that will draw a circle with the following parameters when the program is run: X = 50 Y = 75 Radius = 100

import turtle def drawCircle(t, x, y, radius): t.penup() t.setpos(x, y) t.pendown() def main(): t = turtle.Turtle() x = 50 y = 75 radius = 100 drawCircle(t, x, y, radius) turtle.done() main()

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