generate functionThu, 16 Mar 2023

Write a C++ program to overload the [] operator in a class that implements an array of type int with max size of array a10

#include <iostream> using namespace std; class Array { private: int m_values[10]; int m_size; public: Array() : m_size(0) {} void push_back(int value) { if (m_size < 10) m_values[m_size++] = value; } int size() { return m_size; } int& operator[](int index) { return m_values[index]; } }; int main() { Array array; array.push_back(1); array.push_back(2); array.push_back(3); array.push_back(4); array.push_back(5); array.push_back(6); array.push_back(7); array.push_back(8); array.push_back(9); array.push_back(10); for (int

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