generate functionSat, 29 Apr 2023

static void do_rx_stop ( fsm_t * p_this ) Stop the infrared reception system (when the system changes to transmitter mode). ✅ 1. Stop the RX timer calling the function port_rx_tmr_stop(). ✅ 2. Call function port_rx_en() to disable the interruptions of the GPIO connected to the infrared receiver. ✅ 3. Call function fsm_destroy() to free the memory reserved for the NEC FSM. Parameters p_this Pointer to an fsm_t struct than contains an fsm_rx_t.

void do_rx_stop(fsm_t * p_this){ /* Stop the RX timer */ port_rx_tmr_stop(); /* Stop RX interruptions */ port_rx_en(0); /* Destroy FSM */ fsm_destroy(p_this); }

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