class from descriptionSun, 02 Apr 2023

Create a Class User which has methods like register which deals with user registration, login which deals with authentication and verification and login. Verification which checks for value of user type and redirect to necessary page. User management, which allows admin usertype to edit, add or delete users. If user_type value in Users table in DB is admin then redirect to dashboard.php, else if user_type value is user then redirect to home.php, else if user_type value is services then redirect to service_home.php. Add a module in registration and login which will do user verification by sending a mail to the user's mail id for validation.

<?php class User { public $id; public $username; public $email; public $user_type; public function register(){ } public function login(){ } public function verify(){ } public function user_management(){ } } ?>

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