generate functionWed, 19 Jul 2023

so the main thing will be that I will be able to see a gen4 (google tv) device show up in the netflix app as a compatible casting device without requiring the googletv to have the netflix app installed it needs to see it as if it was a gen3 which does not have apps will require rewriting of the protobuf messages gen4 IS google tv. I want to watch netflix on gen4 without needing netflix app to be installed or logged into a network account on the gen4 device at all need it to run netflix in the same way it does on a gen3 gen3 devices do not have any apps installed on them and when a cast of a stream happens on them it does so directly to an external app to provide functionality. Gen4 has the ability to install apps and use credentials directly on the device without needing a phone or other device to initiate the streaming. the problem I have with a Gen4 is that netflix refuses to recognise a Gen4 as a cast device without the APP being installed on the gen4 device, but that then requires credentials to be loaded into the APP directly on the Gen4 device. I can not use it this way and need the netflix app on a phone etc to see the device as if it was a Gen3 and then start the streaming that way require it to be loaded onto the gen4 the way it sees it since the netflix app identifies it as a GoogleTV and not as a Gen3 chromecast. I need the protobuf messages to show a gen4 as if it was a gen3 so that the apps communicate with it that way hopefully that makes sense. hence needing a gen3 for referencing how the messages need to look yes, so that the app on a phone identifies the device as a gen3 and responds accordingly I already have the mDNS side of the problem sorted so that the physical device can be separated and not visible directly. 8009 = Gen3 8010 = Gen4 This will be it when I can allow access to you anyways I will need to send you the proxy. it is a any lanuage script. you just need to point it at the right IP and port and it will generate mDNS on your network for you. build the proxy accurately

#define DNS_QCLASS_RESERVED0 0 /*%< Reserved for use w/MULTICAST DNS [RFC6762] */ #define DNS_QCLASS_IN 1 /*%< Internet class */ #define DNS_QCLASS_ANY 255 /*%< Wildcard match */ #define DNS_QCLASS_RESERVED255 0xfe /*%< Reserved for Prerequisite use */ #define DNS_QCLASS_NONE 0xff /*%< No class (0xfe not available) */

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