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write a program about the Department of Transport that needs to monitor the registration of people's vehicles. Based on price information and cylinder capacity of the vehicle, the Department of Transport will calculate the environmental tax to be paid in advance When buying a car as follows: - Under 100cc, 1% of the vehicle value - From 100 to 200cc, 3% of the car's value - Over 200cc, 5% of the car's value Design and implement the Vehicle class to manage vehicle attributes and suitable method. The class must have constructors and must be inclusive encapsulation Then let's create a few xe1, xe2, xe3 objects of the Vehicle class in a chapter other program. Enter information for these objects and export the registration tax declaration sheet of each vehicle in java

public class Vehicle { private int cylinder; private double price; //create constructor public Vehicle(int cylinder, double price){ this.cylinder = cylinder; this.price = price; } public int getCylinder() { return cylinder; } public double getPrice() { return price; } public void setCylinder(int cylinder) { this.cylinder = cylinder; } public void setPrice(double price) { this.price = price; } //calculate the registration tax declaration public double registrationTaxDeclaration() { double registrationTaxDeclaration; if(cylinder<=100){ registrationTaxDeclaration = price*0.01; } else if(cylinder<=200){ registrationTaxDeclaration = price*0.03; } else { registrationTaxDeclaration = price*0.05; } return registrationTaxDeclaration; } }

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