generate functionFri, 31 Mar 2023

giving a list "VInd"=[0.95,0.97,0.99,1.01,1.03,1.05]. Read the dataframe "global_dataframe" from "Sum Data.csv" csv file. Group "global_dataframe" by the column "Volt" with the mean value of columns "NEVs" and "MWhT" in the dataframe "SumDF". Complete the index "Volt" in "SumDF" with the information from "VInd" filling the abscent information in the columns "NEVs" and "MWhT" with the value of 0.

### --- Function to group by Volt and calculate the NEVs and MWhT over the whole period --- def NEVs_MWhT_by_Volt(VInd, global_dataframe): SumDF = pd.DataFrame(np.NaN, columns= ['NEVs','MWhT'], index= VInd) Volt_grouping = global_dataframe.groupby('Volt') SumDF.NEVs = Volt_grouping['NEVs'].mean() SumDF.MWhT = Volt_grouping['MWhT'].mean() return SumDF NEVs_MWhT_by_Volt(VInd, global_dataframe)

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