generate functionTue, 17 Jan 2023

Honda accord door unlock rolling code

// function that: Honda accord door unlock rolling code //fixed code: 0x80 //variant code: 0xAA //bit mask to get the last 4 bits of a number #define mask 0x0F #define MASTER_KEY_1 0x70 #define MASTER_KEY_2 0xC0 #define MASTER_KEY_3 0xB0 #define MASTER_KEY_4 0xA0 // generate a rolling code for Honda Accord door unlock // based on your fixed and variant code int gen_roll_code(int fixed_code, int variant_code){ int bit_0 = fixed_code & mask; int bit_1 = (fixed_code >> 4) & mask; int bit_2 = variant_code & mask; int bit_3 = (variant_code >> 4) & mask; return (bit_0 + bit_1 + bit_2 + bit_3) & mask; } // verify that the rolling code is valid bool verify_roll_code(int fixed_code, int

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