generate functionTue, 17 Jan 2023

Write me code that will use openai and create an ai saas that when people put in their weight, height, age, how many days they can workout a week and then their goals, the ai gives them a fitness plan, and a meal plan that will help them reach those goals.

var name = prompt("What is your name?") var lastName = prompt("What is your last name?") var age = prompt("What is your age?") var height = prompt("What is your height?") var petName = prompt("What is your pets name?") if (name[0] === lastName[0] && 20 < age < 30 && height >= 170 && petName[petName.length - 1] === "y") { console.log("You are a spy!") } else { console.log("Sorry, nothing to see here.") }

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