generate functionWed, 22 Feb 2023

Create a menu with the following items and subitems: Intelligence Gathering (Subroutine) Nmap (Process) Netcat (Process) Recon-ng (Process) Return to Menu (Process) Threat Modeling (Subroutine) Metasploit (Process) OpenVAS (Process) Nessus (Process) Return to Menu (Process) Vulnerability Analysis (Subroutine) Nikto (Process) Dirbuster (Process) Burp Suite (Process) sqlmap (Process) Return to Menu (Proce Exploitation (Subroutine) Metasploit (Process) BeEF (Process) Hydra (Process) Return to Menu (Process) Post-Exploitation (Subroutine) Metasploit (Process) Meterpreter (Process) Wireshark (Process) Return to Menu (Process) Reporting (Subroutine) Save Log File (Process) End Program (Terminator)

def main(): print("Menu:") print("1. Intelligence Gathering:") print("2. Threat Modeling:") print("3. Vulnerability Analysis:") print("4. Exploitation:") print("5. Post-Exploitation:") print("6. Reporting:") print("7. Exit:") print("8. Help:")

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