generate functionSat, 18 Feb 2023

1,2,3,1.1,4,4.7,100,1 . Use machine learning and make predictor for next number

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow import keras def plot_series(time, series, format="-", start=0, end=None): plt.plot(time[start:end], series[start:end], format) plt.xlabel("Time") plt.ylabel("Value") plt.grid(True) def trend(time, slope=0): return slope * time def seasonal_pattern(season_time): """Just an arbitrary pattern, you can change it if you wish""" return np.where(season_time < 0.4, np.cos(season_time * 2 * np.pi), 1 / np.exp(3 * season_time)) def seasonality(time, period, amplitude=1, phase=0): """Repeats the same pattern at each period""" season_time = ((time + phase) % period) / period return amplitude * seasonal_pattern(season

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