testsWed, 07 Dec 2022

def make_english_name(): first_name_url = "" response = requests.get(first_name_url) first_name = response.json()["name"] # then, get a random last name from the API last_name_url = "" response = requests.get(last_name_url) last_name = response.json()["name"] # return the full name return first_name + " " + last_name

## How to use the GitHub API 1. Navigate to 2. Login with your GitHub account. 3. Navigate to 4. Give the token a description and select the following permissions: * repo * user * notifications * gist * admin:repo_hook * write:repo_hook * read:org * read:user * read:public_key * read:gpg_key 5. Click Generate token. 6. Copy the generated key to your clipboard. Store it somewhere safe! ## How to use the GitHub API to get information about a user To get information about a user using the GitHub API, you'll need to send an HTTP GET request to the GitHub API for the user with the username you want to get information for. For example:

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