generate functionFri, 18 Nov 2022

create a linked list with vowels. Add the elements “P, A, T prefixed to the list and 7 at end of the list. Update and display the list by adding by adding a new element indexed at 6 with T1. Remove the element “A” from the updated list and display the length of the list.

linkedList.addToTail('a'); linkedList.addToTail('e'); linkedList.addToTail('i'); linkedList.addToTail('o'); linkedList.addToTail('u'); linkedList.addToHead('P'); linkedList.addToHead('A'); linkedList.addToHead('T'); linkedList.addToTail('7'); linkedList.insertAt(6, 'T1'); linkedList.remove('A'); System.out.println(linkedList.getSize());

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