generate functionWed, 18 Jan 2023

Can you help me develop an app with the following features: 1. Capture General data such as: a. Name and Last Name b. Country / City c. Gender (Male / Female) d. Age e. Height f. Weight g. Regular waking up time h. Regular sleeping time i. Type of work (Desk Work, Physical Work, Do not work) j. Type of Exercise (None, one time per week, two times per week, three times per week, more than three times per week) k. Do you have Pompe disease (Yes/no) 2. Capacity to measure regular daily movement through an accelerometer in the Mobile phone for three consecutive days. a. Acceleration: Calculate the acceleration speed in x,y,z b. Traveled Distance: Use the accelerometer and GPS of the mobile phone to calculate the distance and time of movement c. Activity Timing: Register the total time of movement activity d. Number of steps: Steps counting during daily activities e. Type of Activity: Analyze movement patterns and detect the type of activity, walking, sitting, resting, and exercising. 3. Frequency of measurements a. Acceleration: Always on background b. Traveled Distance: Always on background c. Activity Timing: Always on background, developing information sets every 20 minutes d. Number of steps: Always on background, developing information sets every 20 minutes e. Type of Activity: Always on background, developing information sets every 20 minutes

# import libraries from apscheduler.schedulers.background import BackgroundScheduler import time #defining a function to be execute every 20 minutes def hello(): print("Hello World") #initiate scheduler scheduler = BackgroundScheduler() #add job to scheduler scheduler.add_job(hello, 'interval', minutes=20) #start scheduler scheduler.start() #wait for the program execution to end while True: try: time.sleep(1) except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit): break #shutdown scheduler scheduler.shutdown()

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