generate functionThu, 19 Jan 2023

Refactor a python source code file migrating code, external function calls and libraries and to python 3.11 without affecting the functionality

import sys import os import platform from lib2to3.pgen2 import driver from lib2to3.refactor import RefactoringTool, get_fixers_from_package from python_modernize import fixer_util def modernize_code(path): """ Modernizes given Python file :param path: Path to file to be modernized """ os.chdir(os.path.dirname(path)) fixers = ['lib2to3.fixes.fix_apply', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_dict', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_except', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_future', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_funcattrs', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_has_key', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_idioms', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_imports', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_imports2', 'lib2to3.fixes.fix_input', 'lib

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