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generate functionTue, 17 Jan 2023

create a python program to stream video from m3u8 url to youtube using moviepy module you can also modify this code to do so: from moviepy.editor import VideoFileClip # Replace with the actual M3U8 URL url = "https://xxxxxxx.m3u8" # Open the video file clip = VideoFileClip(url) # Set the codecs and other options clip = clip.set_fps(30).set_audio_fps(44100).set_audio_bitrate(128) # Write the video to file clip.write_videofile("output.flv", codec='libx264', audio_codec='aac')

import moviepy.editor as mp import urllib.request import urllib.parse def stream_to_youtube(url, title=None, description=None, keywords=None, category=None, privacyStatus="private"): """Function to stream video file to youtube Args: url: Url of the video file title: Title of the video description: Description of the video keywords: Keywords of the video category: Category of the video privacyStatus: Privacy status of the video """ # Get the video video = mp.VideoFileClip(url) # Get the audio audio = # Make a temporary file for the audio temp_audio = "temp-audio.m4a" # Write the audio to file audio.write_audiofile(temp_audio) # Download the video to file video.write_videofile("temp-video.mp4", audio=temp_audio) # Get the video size in MB video_size = video

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