generate functionSun, 22 Jan 2023

i want to store information about the employees of a company. For each employee i want to store the following information: The employee number, name, year of incorporation in the company, name of the department to which he/she belongs, salary and occupation. The company has only 3 departments: Sales, Marketing and Development. When the user is asked for the data, the user will enter 10, 20 or 30 respectively and the department will be assigned to the department will be assigned to the object using an enum type. From Likewise, the available positions are: PROGRAMMER, ANALYST and PROJECT MANAGER. Without However, when entering the data, the user will enter 1, 2 or 3, respectively, and the trade will be assigned to the the Employee object using an enum type. The constructor of the class will be all the data except the employee number, which will be a generated number (the first employee to be employee number 1, the second employee number 2 and so on). and so on). The employee will have a toString method and an equals method.

public class Employee { private enum Departamento { Sales, Marketing, Development } private enum Cargo { PROGRAMMER, ANALYST, PROJECT_MANAGER } private static int nextId = 0; private int id; private String nome; private int ano; private Departamento departamento; private Cargo cargo; private double salario; public Employee(String nome, int ano, Departamento departamento, Cargo cargo, double salario){ this.nome = nome; this.ano = ano; this.departamento = departamento; this.cargo = cargo; this.salario = salario; id = ++nextId; } public static void main(String[] args) { Employee employee = new Employee("John", 2019, Departamento.Development, Cargo.PROGRAMMER, 400); System.out.println(employ

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