PW Akshay


generate functionTue, 17 Jan 2023

create a python program to stream video from m3u8 url to youtube using moviepy.editor module

import os import moviepy.editor as mp import argparse import apiclient.discovery import httplib2 from oauth2client.client import flow_from_clientsecrets from oauth2client.file import Storage from import argparser, run_flow def youtube_upload(mp4file, title, description, keywords): # Explicitly tell the underlying HTTP transport library not to retry, since # we are handling retry logic ourselves. httplib2.RETRIES = 1 # Maximum number of times to retry before giving up. MAX_RETRIES = 10 # Always retry when these exceptions are raised. RETRIABLE_EXCEPTIONS = (httplib2.HttpLib2Error, IOError, httplib2.ServerNotFoundError) # Always retry when an apiclient.errors.HttpError with one of these status # codes is raised. RETRIABLE_STATUS_CODES =

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